Re-Elect School Board Trustee, David Green

On Monday, October 22, 2018 re-elect David Green for a stronger educational system that supports inclusion for all. Integrity, family and community are the core pillars of my beliefs.

Why David Green

I have recognized the growth of Peel District School Board and diversity that continues to evolve from it; I will conintue to work diligently to represent all families in our community.

I am not asking you to vote for me merely because I say I am able to strengthen our Educational System. I’am asking you to vote for me because I have a fifteen-year track record of success.

My commitment an dedication to our community, persistence in maintaining an unconditional positive attitude and the ability to collaborate with colleagues have supported my skills as a leader who advocates for impact and lasting changes.

Through various experiences, I have developed my skills as a hardworking, creative and energetic leader with a focus on student empowerment.

Proven Results, Delivered Promises

Peel District School Board Brampton, Wards 1 & 5 (Public) My vision for a better educational system includes working with all stakeholders to provide a safe and nurturing school environment. Such an environment will promote effective exchange of ideas and offer students an opportunity to grow and achieve their full potential.

Since 2003, I have served as a Trustee for the Peel District School Board. During my tenure, the region experienced the largest school expansion to date, the largest curriculum reformation, and successful collective bargaining.

As an experienced Trustee with established results, I understand the educational system and the diverse needs of our community. I am delighted to report on the fulfilment of promises I made four years ago.

• Increase technology in the classrooms;
• Increase resources to students with special needs;
• Increase training for teachers in areas of diversity and human rights to ensure that they are receptive to the needs of our diverse community;
• Consult the public on major changes to policies that impact the community;
• Lower walking distance for students; and
• Offer more regional choice programs.
• Open more French Immersion programs
• Offer free out of school programs for children and youth
• Provides wellness program that support seniors
• Offer scholarships to at risk youth

Ward 1 & 5 Public School Map

Get To Know About
Dr.David Green

Dr. DAVID GREEN has worked in law enforcement and security administration for over thirteen years and has held positions with the Metro SIS, Toronto Police Services and the Airport Authority. He’s also developed his negotiations skills while working as a union representative for nine years.

Dr. Green holds s degree in Law and Security administration and a PhD in Theology. Presently he is a Trustee for the Peel District School Board and has been for the past fifteen years, in addition to holding the position of Tribunal Adjudicator with the Ministry of Health. Throughout his career Dr. Green has been actively involved in addressing community issues, in particular, the challenges facing today’s young people in the community. His passion and determined work ethic has made him a leader in the community.

Dr. Green’s community involvement includes the following, Chair of the Planning and Accommodation for Peel District School Board, Past-President and Board Member of Brampton safe City Association, Member of the policy development work team, member of United Way Black Advisory Council, Advisory council member to the Chief of Police, Peel Region, Board Member of the Peel Youth Violence Association. As well, Dr. Green is the Bishop of the Free For All Outreach Ministry and the Executive Director of the Free For All Foundation (FFAF) which address issues facing youth and seniors. He is also a youth councillor and a regular guest speaker on CHRY, and G98.7FM local radio station that focuses on social issues. Dr. Green has been recognized, on numerous occasions, for his work and the community leadership. Recently he received the United Achiever community leadership award and the Sheldon Blackburn award.

As a person Dr. Green is passionate about people but the young people hold a special position in his heart. He is committed, a team player who always willing to do his utmost best to provide assistances to those in need. He is composed, caring and is able to make difficult decisions without regrets, as his choices are always based on fairness. Dr. Green’s concern for his community and his depth of commitment has made him very successful at any task he chooses to undertake and will no doubt continue to do so in the future.